Covid-19 service disruption

Due to covid-19 outbreak worldwide that affects almost every aspects of life. So processing time and shipping disruption is not excluded from the problem.

We have been getting a few inquiries by our customers why they still haven’t get their order, some even more than 1 month after they ordered. We know how frustrating it is, we are also frustrated by the situation but it’s out of our control. As you know many flights have been cancelled worldwide, so the cargo flights have been reduced while the online shopping has surge by a lot during this time. Even the expensive and usually fast shipping method like DHL is also affected by this, usually it takes 3 – 6 days, now it’s taking 15 days on average or more.

Some shipping price has also increase by 50% to 200%, some shipping methods are also suspended during this time, but this is temporary until the outbreak is over.

So please add extra 3 – 15 days from the delivery estimate that we indicate on our shipping methods. Some may have even longer delays, but in average the delay are between 3 – 15 days depending on shipping methods.

Apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We wish good health to you and your family, take care.